Locanda Petreja




A Colourful and Inviting

Which celebrates the flavours and products of the Belpaese. His style of cooking is immediately recognisable for its  particular combination of surf and turf,  enhanced by the generous use of local products in recipes that are both creative and elegantly simple, and always refined in their presentation.

The menu is its clearest manifesto, relying on top quality raw materials, handled with expertise, technique and a pinch of creativity.

The starters are based on simple products involving seasonal vegetables for 100% vegetarian dishes like Fruit and Vegetables, cooked and raw with eggplant caviar. Also the eggs are local, served crunchy with green peas, Pecorino cheese spread and black truffle. Anchovies are served in the “scapece” style with fennel and capers. When it comes to Pasta dishes, a classic like Chickpea Soup finds an innovative element in its companions: escarole and clams. Seafood can also be found in the Ravioli with mussels, garnished with cheese and black pepper. An example of stuffed pasta are the Bottoni with nettle and ricotta cheese, escargots and “Grechetto di Todi” sauce – an indigenous touch that creates a connection with the Umbrian landscape; Risotto is served with Parmesan cheese and parsley and holds a particularly tender heart: an egg yolk covered in chips of black truffle.


The Main Courses include a choice of meat and fish, tokens of the local Italian taste: the exceptional Baccalà (Cod) dish is served wrapped in a coat of Cinturello Orvietano pork lard, accompanied by Satureja-flavoured snow peas and a red pepper sauce; Lamb makes for another classic of the Umbrian cooking tradition and is flavoured with mixed herbs and served with eggplants and almond cream. The menu also features a broad selection of local cheese: sheep and cow. At this point, desserts deserve particular attention: a sweet ending with Bacio semifreddo of white chocolate and hazelnuts or a bolder finish with Lentil Ice Cream with a Cremoso of sour white chocolate, rhubarb and strawberries.


À la carte menu


Vegetables and Fruit

assorted vegetable and fruit plate with eggplant caviar

€ 20


steamed and stuffed with snails, beetroot sauce and sour cream

€ 24

Smoked Eel

with pumpkin in different textures and peaty whiskey jelly

€ 24

Calf Cartilages

with mixed legumes, green sauce and savory

€ 24

FIrst dishes


of chickpeas and escarole with red prawn tartare

€ 28


stuffed with liver sausage, raw scampi, red onion water and lemon thyme

€ 28


local pasta with goose ragout, foie gras, wild fennel seeds and raspberries

€ 28


with parmesan and parsley, egg yolk and precious black truffle of Norcia

€ 42

Main courses

Scorpion Fish

in fish soup with black cabbage and croutons

€ 42

Local Pork

and mustard grain sauce, potato and summer leek puree with caviar

€ 48

Free-Range Chicken

with precious black truffle of Norcia, tarragon and Jerusalem artichoke

€ 40


with cabbage, almond cream and plum jam

€ 42



Italian and local selection

€ 22

Yogurt Mousse

with pomegranate sorbet and persimmon sauce

€ 14

Lentil Ice Cream

with white chocolate cream and carrots

€ 14


in 5 consistencies with licorice semifreddo

€ 14

Milk Chocolate Spheres

candied apricot with licorice and blackberry sorbet

€ 14